Blazecut T System


BlazeCut “T” Series system is a simple and cost effective fire protection of small enclosures. The system consists of a heat sensitive tube made of special plastic which is closed by a stainless steel fitting on each end. The tube has both storage and detection function which means that the extinguishing agent is stored directly in the tube and no additional storage device like cylinder is needed.


The BlazeCut system uses HFC-227ea or HFC-236fa, which is an extremely effective, clean and people-safe extinguishing medium.


BlazeCut system operates automatically independent of any power supply by detecting higher temperatures. When the temperature in the protected enclosure rises to a critical threshold, the detection tube melts down at the point where the affecting temperature is the highest. Melting the tube creates a hole releasing the entire extinguishing agent stored in the tube onto the source of the fire.

  • Motor Racing

  • Rally Cars

  • Off-Road Racing

  • Engine Bay

  • Fuel Cells

  • Cars

  • SUV's

  • Trucks

  • Boats - Inboard & Outboard


Ready To Install

Kit comes complete, ready for easy installation


Rally Car Installation

Fitting completed in under 5 minutes.